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There are many factors for a broken garage door spring. Some garage door springs are old, or some were not maintained at all and got damaged. Garage Door Springs are the force that eliminates the weight of the garage doors that makes it easy to open and close. If your garage door spring is broken, stop using the garage door and contact NYC Garage Doors & Gates Repair for same-day garage door spring repair and garage door spring replacement. It can be a broken garage door torsion spring repair in Brooklyn New York, or broken extension spring replacement in Queens New York. We can fix or replace garage door springs the same today. NYC Garage doors & Gates Repair specialize in all kinds of garage door spring repair, whether it is a residential garage door spring or commercial garage door springs. Our NYC garage door repair technicians are fully equipped with all types of springs for all garage doors of any garage door makers, model, and type. We are here for our customers 24/7 ready to get the job done same-day in NYC and the New York area!

Residential Garage Door Spring Repair New York

There are two popular residential garage door spring systems in New York. The first is a torsion spring system, which usually used for heavier overhead garage doors, and the second is the extension spring system that is very popular among many residential overhead garage doors. At NYC Garage Doors & Gates Repair we repair all types of residential garage doors springs, extension, and torsion the same-day, whether is a broken garage door spring in Bronx New York, extension spring replacement in Queens New York, or garage door spring repair in Brooklyn New York. We are here for all NYC garage door spring repair customers 24/7.

Torsion Spring repair
A torsion spring or springs (some garage doors more than 2 torsion springs) can be found above the garage door. As the door comes down the torsion spring turns its coils and cables that are attached to the bottom brackets of the garage door panel and unwind from the drums (set of two grooved circler shapes) by the end on each side of the torsion bar let the door go down balanced and close it. When the door is opening the torsion, springs revolve the other direction, that action puts tension on the spring and the cables warped around the drums grooves while opening the door, and that tension keeps the door open and not running or slamming down.

Extension Spring Repair
The extension spring system includes a pair (or two pairs) of springs stretched parallel across above each side of the garage door track. The springs force the garage door to go up or down and assists by a system of 4 pulleys (2 on each side) attached to the spring and the door track and cables attached to the bottom panel brackets. At the moment the garage door opens, the extension springs unstretched and release tension. When the door goes down, the springs stretch out across the tracks with tension, balance the door to go down and closes the door. Note! It is highly recommended to install garage door safety cables for all extension spring. The role of the safety cables is to prevent the extension springs from injuring people, or damaging objects that may be in their path when springs break.

Commercial Garage Door Springs Repair New York
Commercial garage door springs are usually torsion springs, some old commercial doors and small size commercial garage doors are using extension springs. Commercial garage door spring comes in different sizes and with long life cycles. The commercial door springs systems are the same as the residential door spring systems only on a large scale. For instance, commercial garage door springs also work on high tension, springs revolve in both directions, the cables wrap and unwrap around the drums grooves while opening or closing the door, balance the door to go down when its closes the door, and requires semi annual maintenance.

NYC Garage Door Spring Repair Team

At NYC Garage Doors & Gate Repair our technicians have the knowledge and the experience to replace all broken garage door springs in New York City. Whether it is a broken extension spring in Brooklyn, or a broken torsion garage door spring in Queens. It is important to acknowledge that each garage door extension spring repair or replacement should include safety cables installation to assure next time that if the garage door spring breaks, the safety cables will prevent the spring from hurting people or damaging objects who are near the garage door. Since NYC Garage Door Spring Repair at NYC Garage Doors & Gates Repair has been providing garage door services in New York City for years, we know which garage door springs are popular in the Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, and Manhattan. Our technician repairs any broken garage spring in New York on the spot, and for all custom garage door spring will be installed within a business day. NYC Garage Door Spring Repair at NYC Garage Doors & Gates Repair offers emergency garage door spring repairs in New York, and our repair team will not leave the job site until they fix your broken garage door spring. We are here 24/7 for all our customers if it is a broken commercial garage door spring in Queens New York, broken extension spring in Bronx New York, or need to installed safety cables for extension springs in Brooklyn New York. Our repair team will do it the same day.

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